5 Easy Steps to Improve Clay Soil Fast

Clay soils are the killer for your plants. You might have great plants, or maybe the best kind of farming tools, but if your garden has clay soil, you are in bad luck mate! Clay soils are rich with clay particles. Meaning they would be rockier. Such kind of soil is extremely bad for growing plants. Most plants cannot grow in such kind of soil condition.

It is high time we found a solution for that. Don’t worry mates! We have some perfect solutions to make your soil rich again with nutrients in no time.

5 Steps to Make Your Soil Rich Again

1. Till It till It’s Fine!

You could use hand tillers or motor-powered tillers to break the hard surface of the ground. The trick is to pour water and till. Try to till them until the soil becomes powdery and granular. If you find big hard rocks inside, remove them. Continue this process of watering and tilling for a week. No matter what in these few days you will not let this land to compact. Don’t walk on the soil or drive a car over it.

5 Easy Steps to Improve Clay Soil Fast

2. Create a Compost Box

Clay soil doesn’t have much nutrition. So, in this step, you will create an organic compost box that will be mixed later on with the tilled soil. Take one square meter sized box. It could be made of wood or plastic or metal. Just pick a suitable one you could find.

Next, you will have to collect organic wastes. Animal manure, rotten leaves or plant leftovers. You could even add some chemical fertilizers that are rich in ammonia, iron, and phosphorus.

Okay, you are all set. Now mix the organic wastes and fertilizers with soil from your land. The mixing ratio would be 1:1. That means you will 50% soil and 50% other components. Now mix them properly and add water. Leave them be for 15 days. Don’t forget to close of the lid of the box. As it will be smelly.

3. Mix the Compost Material with the Soil

After 15 days, you land will be properly tilled, and the compost box will be ready. Now mix the components of the compost box with the soil properly. You could add water while mixing them. But remember the soil should not be clogged by water. Just enough to damp the soil. Till the soil for a few days more and irrigate every day. The soil should be rich enough.

4. Test the Level of pH

As you have finished the process, you should now check the pH level. You could find easy pH measuring strips in the local markets. The pH level can be from 0 to 14 where 0 means extremely acidic and 14 means extremely basic. We have to be in the acidic zone a bit. Our idea pH level should be 4-5.

5. Create a Good Irrigation System

Good irrigation is mandatory for every garden. But if you are suffering from clay soil, you need to pay even more attention to it. Your garden should be wet enough but not too much. When you supply excess water, you could clot the soils again which will lead to claying.

Again if you don’t water the garden, it will become dry and lifeless. So, you will have to make sure to water regularly, and at the same time, no water can stand on the ground. Design a good irrigation channel that will do the trick.

Final Words

Gardening in hard clay soil is hectic. Your plants will not grow in such a condition. Even if they grow, they will be unhealthy. So, you should try to add more organic composts and try to keep the soil powdery and granular.