Attract and Keep Earthworms in Your Garden with 7 Easy Tricks or Less

Earthworms are extremely helpful as they work as a natural soil nutrient. We all know the disadvantages of using chemical fertilizers. Your soil garden will become completely dependent on the chemicals and will eventually lose all the natural essence.

Earthworms eat up the plant residue components – grass, dead leaves, roots, etc. When they eject feces, these get mixed up with the soil. These organic wastes are full of nitrogen which is helpful for the plants. Moreover, the earthworms create pathways while they move. It improves the drainage system. Thus, they stand against soil erosion and other hassles.

So, how could you attract these immensely helpful worms to your garden?

Ways to Attract and Keep Earthworms in Your Garden

Attract and Keep Earthworms in Your Garden with 7 Easy Tricks or Less

1. Use Organic Wastes

If there are no earthworms already in your garden, it means the soil is really low on minerals and organic components. You need to use some organic wastes like dried up leaves, straw, decomposed compost, or cow dung. Collect these components and mix them with the soil and water it regularly. The soil will become rich in minerals.

These are the main food for the earthworms. So, naturally, they will be attracted to the soil of your garden.

2. Irrigate Regularly

The damp and moist environment is a more suitable habitat for the earthworms. If you land is too dry, the earthworms will avoid it. So, you should water the land regularly. Adding up some animal manure will quicken the process.

So, if you have livestock, this could be the perfect use of the wastes from them.

3. Organic Fertilizers

Fertilizers help to supply minerals to the soil that ensure the better growth of the plants. But remember to avoid the factory made chemical fertilizers. They are harmful to the environment and ecology. Rather you should choose the organic fertilizers.

They can be found in your local markets as people are more attracted to the natural and organic components these days.

4. Avoid Tilling Too Deep

Tilling makes the soil ready for plantation and also enriches the soil with oxygen. But if you till the soil too deep, the earthworm nesting will suffer serious damage. This might even scare them off. So, you should know how deep you should till the soil. Don’t till up the soil more than a foot.

5. Maintain a Proper Level of pH

Earthworms cannot tolerate the acidic environment. The soil should have a pH rating of more than 4.5. Calcium work like magic to maintain the pH level in the soil. So, you should maintain the supply of calcium to the soil to make the soil more earthworm friendly.

6. Avoid Pesticides

Pesticides are extremely dangerous and fatal for the earthworms. If you must use some pesticides, try to go for the organic ones. The chemical pesticides are harmful to both the plants and the worms. The chemical pesticides will kill off the earthworms.

7. Remove the Plastic Based Components

Plastic and polyethylene are such a nuisance. They cannot be decomposed and leave its harmful traces all over the garden. If the land has too many plastics and polyethylene, consider removing them. Earthworms hate such things.

Final Words

Earthworms work like a charm for the soil. The soil gets a natural and regular supply of organic composts from them. Moreover, the integrity of the soil remains intact for many years. The soil structure improves as well. Recent research has shown that healthy soil has 7 million earthworms per hector.

So, the more earthworms your garden soil has, the better nutrient your plants will get. Rather than using chemical fertilizers, using earthworm is a much better choice. What are you thinking about? Your garden deserves the best and using earthworms is the best thing you can do for your soil.