Harvest Season: 4 Ways to Store Fresh Produce

A farmer becomes happiest during the harvest season without any doubt. But if you don’t harvest and store them properly, you could damage them and decrease the integrity of the harvest. So, you got to be extra careful during the harvest season.

Proper storing depends on how long you are planning to store them before selling or eating. It could be for long term and short term. Whichever the case is, we have prepared you the best tips and tricks to store the vegetables and fruits properly during the harvest season. Take a look at them for yourself.

Harvest Season: 4 Ways to Store Fresh Produce

Tips to Store the Fresh Produce from Your Garden

1. Collecting Fresh Vegetables

Most of the homegrown garden have vegetables. And why wouldn’t it? Nobody wants to miss out on the chance to eat a fresh homegrown vegetable in their meals. So, when you see your vegetable are have grown fully, cut them from the plants properly. Proper cutting ensures a better result.

After collecting them, you should clean them up. But be careful you don’t want to damage the outer surface. It makes the vegetables to lose the appeal. Later on, clean the vegetables with fresh water and dry them up using a piece of cloth like towels. They are now ready for packaging and refrigeration.

2. Refrigeration

Refrigeration is important if you want to enjoy the vegetables for a long time. There are certain ways to do that. First, of the uncut vegetables are already ready for refrigeration. They don’t need additional care. But leafy green is quite different. Lettuce, Spinach or coriander leaves will fall into this section. You should dry them off and store them in airtight plastic bags. This technique will keep them rotting for days.

But remember, with time passing by the vegetable will lose the integrity and nutrients. So, considering to store them for a long time is not a good move. The taste will also be reduced with time.

3. Packing the Vegetables

If you use a proper cold environment, some vegetable can last for months. We are talking about potatoes, onions, garlic, etc. If you can store them in cold storage where the temperature is fixed at 60ish degree Fahrenheit, it will last for months.

But if somehow you bruise them while storing it will get damaged and soon will be rotten. So, pack them safely and with causing any damage and store them is a cold environment. The root cellar is a perfect example of such kind of cold storages.

4. Can Them Up!

Canning the vegetables is the best way to make them fresh for a long period. If you can use them properly, some vegetables will even last for 2 or more years. So, how could you can them?

It’s simple! Get yourself an air-tight jar or can. Boil the vegetable to remove any harmful contamination. Then store them in the air-tight jar with vinegar, lemon oil or even water. You could see some canned mushrooms in the store who uses this method to store them for about two years. This is a very clever and smart technique to store the fresh grown vegetable.

Final Words

Harvesting is the most important part of farming. If you don’t harvest and store the fresh produces items properly, all the hard works will be meaningless. Moreover, track time after you plant the vegetables or fruits. If you don’t start the harvesting process soon, they will get rotten.

Don’t wait for them to become fully ripe. If you do so, they will get rotten, and you will get an important amount due to being late. You should start harvesting just before they will become ripe. This process helps the storing a lot.